Chile is a serious matter for many New Mexicans. An important part of the New Mexican culture, New Mexican green and red chile are used in just about everything around here including deserts. New Mexican green chile has been grown elsewhere and tends to be less spicy than New Mexican varieties. A common out of state pepper, known as the Anaheim pepper, is similar in appearance but lacks the kick present in New Mexico Hatch Chile.

The hotter variations of NM green chile were developed over a century ago and are now characteristic of the flavors found in most local dishes throughout the state. Dr. Fabian Garcia developed a hot pepper known as the New Mexico No. 9 which was the first version of the modern New Mexico pepper

Two of the most popular flavors of Vigil’s Carne Seca are New Mexico Green and New Mexico Red Chile which we proudly produce without many of the preservatives included in many big jerky brands. We only use fresh Green and Red Chile in our products delivering an authentic New Mexican flavor experience.