Is Beef Jerky a Healthy Snack?

Eaten in recommended portions, jerky can be a healthy snack. Vigil’s beef jerky is trimmed of excess fat and seasoned with natural ingredients before it is dried and packaged. A full 1oz serving of Vigil’s Carne Seca Jerky contains only 100 calories while providing 19 grams of protein and 15% of your daily Iron requirements. […]

New Mexico Chile

Chile is a serious matter for many New Mexicans. An important part of the New Mexican culture, New Mexican green and red chile are used in just about everything around here including deserts. New Mexican green chile has been grown elsewhere and tends to be less spicy than New Mexican varieties. A common out of […]

What is Carne Seca?

Carne Seca is a popular type of dried beef that has been a staple of southwestern people for generations. Originally used as a form of food preservation, since this type of dried beef stays fresh for months, carne seca has become a staple as a snack food in many modern homes. Vigil’s Beef Jerky is […]

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